I'm a professor at Aalborg University Business School and emeritus professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst. Before moving to UMass in 2003, I held positions at  Copenhagen University (1981-1987) and Aarhus University (1987-2003). I still teach occasionally at UMass Amherst and the New School for Social Research.    

My research interests fall primarily within macroeconomics, with contributions on a range of topics, including economic growth and development, business cycles, inflation, and the distribution of income. My general approach draws on the (post-)Keynesian, (neo-)Marxian and institutional traditions as well as behavioral economics; a recent book on Structuralist and Behavioral Macroeconomics (Cambridge University Press, 2023) synthesizes some of my work on core macroeconomic issues. You'll find a list of selected papers grouped by topic under 'Papers'; see the CV for a full list of publications.  

Contact: pskott@econs.umass.edu